Friday, February 07, 2014

Outpatient Civil Commitment: Coming to Maryland Soon?

Today's blog post is over on Clinical Psychiatry News.  See Dinah's article summarizing a lecture on outpatient commitment, guns, and more, by Duke sociologist Jeff Swanson: Here.

As mentioned, Delegate Murphy in Maryland has proposed a bill legislating Outpatient Civil Commitment here in Maryland.  The text of the HB 767 is here.  In it's current form, the bill is not likely to pass.  Please remember, before you comment, this bill was written by a legislator, it is not coming from psychiatrists. 

On another note, there is another editorial by Dinah on Psychology Today's website about defining mental illness.  It's not much different than the piece on Clinical Psychiatry News a few weeks ago, and with this, the topic of the Who Are the Mentally Ill? survey is now done.