Saturday, January 25, 2014

Insurance (or Not), Flotation Tanks, and Involuntary Committment.

This is an around-the-web post.

First, my stuff:

Over on Clinical Psychiatry News, I have article up about the survey on "Who are the Mentally Ill?"  I talk about how the survey was done and what findings there were, along with a few of my thoughts about those findings.  Click Here.

My post on Why Psychiatrists Don't Take Insurance is up on KevinMD.  Lots of comments on Shrink Rap, feel free to comment to a broader medical audience over there.  Click Here.

Then Clink's stuff:

Over on Clinical Psychiatry News this week, Clink is writing about recreational flotation tanks and their comparison to sensory deprivation.  I suggested the Shrink Rappers take a field trip to a Flotation Tank; it could be an extension of our field trips to go on Segway Tours.  Clink says you can't fit a Segway in a flotation tank.  What a kill joy.  Click Here to read her article.

Since involuntary commitment is always a popular topic here on Shrink Rap, I thought I'd steer you to two blog posts.  One of our California colleagues, Dr. Reidbord, wrote about the "5150" certification in his state and whether fear of being committed keeps people from seeking care.  And a young trainee in the UK, Dr. Langford, looks at forced community (outpatient) treatment on his side of the pond.  Oh, some of the research he quotes is from our side as well.  Interesting that there is no forced medication for outpatients there. 

[Clink Addendum:]

For anybody trying to read our Clinical Psychiatry News columns, I know you get a logon page when you click on the headline. I've got an email in to our editor to see if we can get that fixed. Registration is free, but it's always a pain to click on a link to a logon page. Thank you for your patience.