Sunday, September 15, 2013

Staple a Kid's Head and Eat a Few Knives?

~ There's an article on mental health stigma in The New York Times by Pauline Chen, worth the read: Caring for a Mind in Crisis.

~Since I like to gripe about electronic records and privacy, I'll add this to my list of you-don't-want-to-believe privacy issues: On Campus, A Faculty Uprising Over Personal Data.  

Penn State administrators quietly introduced the plan, called “Take Care of Your Health, this summer in the deadest part of the academic calendar. But that didn’t prevent some conscientious objectors from organizing a protest online and on their campuses, culminating last week in an emotionally charged faculty senate meeting. The plan, they argued, is coercive, punitive and invades university employees’ privacy.
The plan requires nonunion employees, like professors and clerical staff members, to visit their doctors for a checkup, undergo several biometric tests and submit to an extensive online health risk questionnaire that asks, among other questions, whether they have recently had problems with a co-worker, a supervisor or a divorce. If they don’t fill out the form, $100 a month will be deducted from their pay for noncompliance. Employees who do participate will receive detailed feedback on how to address their health issues.
On KevinMD, Sanjay Gupta has an article on one of our topics of interest, Medical Marijuana, and there was  a Weed special on CNN featuring Dr. Gupta the other night.  Interesting that he comes out "Pro" MMJ, even though his article doesn't mention that the little girl with seizures was using a varient of marijuana that was so low in THC that it was unsellable, and that she was taking it orally, not smoking it with a high.  I found the CNN show more enlightening than the article but I'll link to the article here.

If you're getting mental health care from an agency in  New Mexico, sounds like things may be rough.  A number of agencies providing care to many patients are being investigated for Medicaid fraud. The state's response: shut them all down.  Apparently it's leaving patients without access to treatment and inpatient admissions are rising.  Here is a an article from the New York Times but I'm sure there are many other local pieces on line.   I have to say, I don't understand the photo that went with the article, but I borrowed it for my graphic here because it was so perplexing to me.  What are they doing to that kid's head?

From the Shrink Rappers, over on Clinical Psychiatry News:

I continue to make noise about how psychiatry needs to question our assumptions and to talk about how Dr. Insel's blog post on the NIMH site questioning the effects of long term antipsychotics should shake up the risk/benefit discussions we have with out patient.  Read more in Questioning Psychiatry's Assumptions about Life Long Medications.

And, finally,  ClinkShrink gets annoyed about the idea that everyone thinks the really sick patients should be someone else's responsibility in Locked In, Eating Cutlery.  Yes, she is talking about a patient who eats their forks.  Why?  Just read. 

So why did the font change color in the middle of my post?