Monday, March 04, 2013

Break a Leg, Pete Earley!

Tomorrow, our blogger friend, Pete Earley, will be giving testimony to Congress about mental health and public safety.  A tireless mental health advocate, author of Crazy: A Father's Search Through American's Mental Health Madness, and a fabulous writer in many genres, Mr. Earley will be one of three parents speaking.  He's been asking his readers for suggestions about what to say in his 3 minutes of testimony, and ClinkShrink devoted one of her posts here to making suggestions, and Mr. Earley plans to use the input he's gotten in the written testimony he submits.

We've had a bunch of back and forth discussions on proposed gun legislation and mental illness.  Mr. Earley was kind enough to put my op-ed piece from the Baltimore Sun on his blog.  One of our readers, SunnyCA, said we needed a bigger audience for this, and ironically, that comment was made on the day that Mr. Earley and I were writing an editorial to submit to USA Today.   If you'd like to read that article, which was published today,  click HERE. 

I want to wish Pete the best tomorrow. I'm sure he'll do a wonderful job, an ho, it's so tempting to suggest that when Mr. Earley testifies in Congress, we know he won't be late.  I'll stop now.  It's hard to keep up with ClinkShrink when it comes to puns, and I'm not sure why I even try.