Sunday, February 03, 2013

Happy Purple Thoughts

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!!

For the first Ravens haven't been in the Super Bowl for 12 years, and so today is an exciting day in Baltimore and purple lights are up everywhere. 

My family members love football.  I love my family, and I'm sort of getting the hang of some of the football after years of exposure.  I know some of the player details, and the big ones for the day include the fact that the coaches of the competing teams -- The Baltimore Ravens vs. The San Fransisco 49ers -- are brothers.  A first ever for the Super Bowl and in psychiatry we call this the ultimate in sibling rivalry.  Ray Lewis, #52 (big guy on defense who tackles a lot of people) is playing his final game today, so winning a Super Bowl would be a nice way to end his 17 year career.  Joe Flacco's, the quarterback, father was quoted in the paper saying he's "dull" and I was shocked that a parent would publicly say this, but everyone else (including Joe, apparently) thought it was funny and it's rumored that Papa Flacco was quoted out of context.  Hoping Joe won't be dull today. 

For me, it's about the family and the tailgating.  The menu here will be tortilla chips with topping options: guacamole in large quantities, cheese (shredded and sauce), chili, lettuce, salsa, sour cream, beans, sauteed onions and peppers, and chicken wings with carrots/celery and bleu cheese dressing.  I think I've perfected the purple drink: prosecco or champagne with pomegranate juice and half a drop of blue food coloring served in a champagne glass.  The debate here is whether you can drink this before they win, and I say it's fine to celebrate the accomplishment of making it to the Super Bowl but apparently there is some superstition around this idea

The guest list is limited: we have a bitter Patriots fan visiting from New England.  The Shrink Rappers were not invited because I was limited to hard-core football fans who will keep quiet, concentrate, and respect the high-anxiety tension in the air.  "No psychiatrist asking if they got a home run."  The kids are scattered, but I'm expecting photos and texts during the game, and two of our guests have husbands and sons who will be at the game. 

Finally:  Go RAVENS!  (okay, I'm off to paint the dog purple)