Saturday, December 22, 2012

Letting Go

I don't think of myself as a workaholic, but there are moments in time where I find that my brain gets really stuck on work.  Maybe there's a patient I'm worried about, or I'm working on an article that requires some searching, or is about something I'm passionate about.  Ideas for blog posts run through my head, or every conversation somehow turns to CPT codes (~Yes, yes, this is my fault, Clink.  Poor Clink has heard so much about CPT codes) or the latest issue of the moment.  Or I get annoyed that the world makes no sense.  I find that I stress myself out with things I really don't need to be stressed about, and then I really start to long for vacation.  When I get in these states, I feel like the unfortunate thing about going on vacation is that I really need a vacation from myself!  The good thing is that when I get away from work, the phone, the internet, the office, the house, the iPhone, the computer, --after a few days, I start to relax and eventually to recharge.   There's something about our all-too-connected world that isn't always good for me, and I have this love-hate relationship with technology.  

Okay, so today was my first day of vacation.  I baked cookies, watched TV, cooked a gourmet meal, saw my family.  I tried moving the laptop to another floor so I wouldn't be attached to it, but within an hour or two, it made it's way back downstairs.   I didn't leave the house,  didn't do any work, have my voicemail set to send callers to a covering doctor.  Ah, but here it is, Saturday night, and what am I doing?  Yup.... blogging.

So what do you do to unwindDo you have trouble disconnecting?