Thursday, July 05, 2012

Coming Soon: Home Inspection, a novel by Dinah

Roy has convinced me that e-publishing on Amazon is the way to go with my  novels and my summer project is to get them up on Amazon's Kindle Direct.  One option on the Kindle e-publishing allows for authors to give their books away for free for a few days to promote them, and if this is an option I can use, I will be offering the first book, Home Inspection, for free to our Shrink Rap readers.  I've been aiming for a July 15th release date, but the wretched derecho and the power failures that have ensued may have slowed things down.  The young woman who is designing a cover for me had a tree in her bedroom and no power for 5 days, so we'll see.  A lot needs to get done in the next few days for this to happen by the 15th.

I just set up a Facebook Page for Home Inspection, if you'd like to read a little about it, click here.
While I wrote this novel many years ago, it is very much like a book version of the HBO series In Treatment.  The entire course of the book takes place in a psychiatrist's office and Dr. Julius Strand struggles with his own issues -- many of the same issues that In Treatment's Dr. Paul Weston faced around divorce, relationships with his children, and finding meaning in his life -- as he helps two patients sort through their own romantic confusion.  

But wait, you don't have a Kindle or an e-reader?  You can download a free Kindle app to your PC, Mac, iPad, android, blackberry, iPhone, or iTouch.  If you'd like a real book, I'm hoping to simultaneously get the books up on Amazon's CreateSpace which will allow readers to order hard copies, but I haven't even begun to figure that one out.

More novel news soon....