Friday, May 18, 2012

Shrink Rap Ads for NAMIWalks Donations

Click image to Donate.

Shrink Rap is walking for NAMI's Donation Walk tomorrow, Saturday May 19, at Baltimore's Inner Harbor (Rash Field), at 11am. Looks like medical blogger, Dr Val Jones, will also be joining us. Roy and Dinah will be there (I think Dinah; she said she might). Clink will not be able to join us.

But, as you can see on the left, we have only hit 21% of our goal. Sure, it's $300 more than last year and I probably over-reached, but I'm not giving up yet.

Here's the deal. If anyone donates at least $200, we will donate one week of advertising on Shrink Rap, right in the header where the lime green ribbon is now. That's about 8000-10,000 pageviews and potentially 300+ click-throughs. (No pharma, no distasteful ads. Sorry if this seems cheesy but it's for a good cause.)

And, if you are in town, feel free to join us Saturday morning. Registration begins at 10am. Thank you.

(Also, thank you to our recent contributors: Lawrence, Dave, Julie, Dinah, Elise, Carol, Elizabeth, Amy, John, Colleen, Michael, Valeria, and several Anon's.)