Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Books and Ducks

Life is quiet here as we get ready for summer.  Nothing has struck me as particularly urgent to blog about, but Sarebear sent us a link to a mystery writer's blog with a post about shrinks in mystery novels, so I thought I'd share that: http://www.mysteryreaders.org/Issues/Shrinks.html#white

We haven't been able to find time to podcast, it seems we're never around all at the same time.  Clink is off touring nature sites and playing with her new camera.  Maybe she'll post a pic?  Roy is busy with all thinks geeky, and I'm happy that I finished a grant application today-- my first ever.  I've been fiddling some with my old fiction, and I'm thinking of putting one of my old novels up as an e-book on the free amazon kindle site.  Has anyone done this?  Do you have any wisdom to share with me?  Oh, and speaking of e-books, I just got a copy of Lowell Handler's new e-book, Crazy and Proud.  Do check out his website.  I haven't read the book yet, but the photography is compelling.

So I thought I would check out Facebook advertising.  My cousin used it to get thousands of fans for her website, Motherrr.com, about mother-daughter relationships, so I wanted to see how it worked.  I ran the ad for 2 days with our book cover as the graphic and only got one click-through.  I changed the graphic to a duck, and there were 6 clicks in following 24 hours.  I feel like I'm turning into Roy with all this number tracking.  It's just an experiment to see how it works (another Roy-type thing to do).

Finally, the graphic above was sent to me from a blogger at a site called Grass Fed Ducks, which I think is mostly about food (specifically Korean Food), but there is a duck/mental health tinge as well.