Thursday, March 29, 2012

Can You Ever Go Back?

Over on our Clinical Psychiatry News, ClinkShrink talks about the fate of those who have psychotic episodes at work that make national news.  You can read her thoughts Here.  She mentions the Jet Blue pilot who became combative and perhaps delusional enroute to Las Vegas and was held down by passengers, and the airline flight attendant was escorted from her plane last week.  It's bad enough to have an episode of mental illness---if that's what this was-- but to have it announced on  national news makes the recovery all the more difficult.

  I imagine that once an event is so public, an employee's stint with that particular organization may be over, though Clink thinks that if an individual makes a full recovery, s/he would be protected by the ADA.  I'm not so sure about this.  I think there are things that can happen as a result of mental illness (or drug use, or a bad reaction to a medication, or as a result of a metabolic or structural abnormality) that there is no going back from.  

Your thoughts?