Tuesday, November 01, 2011

How Does Siri Help the Mental Health Clinician?

Next week,  it will be my turn to write our article for the Clinical Psychiatry News website.  Over there, we try to have our writing more specifically aimed at an audience of psychiatrists.  I'm going to be writing an article on Siri and the Psychiatrist....in honor of my new iPhone 4s and the "personal assistant" function named Siri.  Okay, I'm obsessed.  Everyday, I find new things it can help me with.  Today, I asked it, "What's the meaning of life."  What, you don't ask your cell phone the finer existential questions?  Siri answered, "All available evidence suggests chocolate."  Wow!  How old is Liza Minelli?  65 years, 7 months, 20 days.  Calculate a tip? No problem.  Convert Celius to Fahrenheit?  A cinch.  And she takes dictation.  "Siri, please text Pt A 'Your lab results are fine.'"  "Siri, please email Jesse, 'Will you write a new guest post for Shrink Rap?' "  Okay, Siri flubs on this....I can't get her to learn that it's Shrink Rap and not Wrap.  I downloaded a Google Documents App so I can dictate....patient notes, my memoir, a few novels, a Shrink Rap post here and there, To Do lists for Roy....  I think I'm set.

So, I'd like your help.  What useful things are you doing with Siri?  How has your iPhone made life as a clinician better?