Saturday, October 29, 2011

What I Learned Part III

  • More on social media and medicine today. One survey of a surgery department showed half of residents and faculty had public Facebook accounts and a third posted professional information.
  • People are using "mindfulness" therapy to treat sex offenders. No studies on efficacy.
  • Offenders with bipolar and psychotic disorders are twice as likely to have more than two additional arrests than non- SMI offenders.
  • Some criminal defendants try to claim that the government is a corporation, and that they should be tried under contract law rather than criminal law. This is sometimes called a "straw man defense" and may prompt judges to request a competency assessment.
  • Defendants who graduate from mental health courts demonstrate improved life circumstnaces with regard to housing, quality of life, symptoms and compliance. Some studies have shown mental health courts to result in improvement for as many as 78% of defendants.
  • Court ordered custody evaluators are more likely to recommend paternal custody if the mother is poor or has a history of psychiatric admissions. They are more likely to recommend maternal custody if the father has a history of arrests.
  • No suicide prediction tool has a predictive validity greater than 3%.
  • Forty percent of patients given opioids for non-cancer pain misuse their meds, 5% become addicted.
  • In the UK people with ASPD may be subject to multiagency public protection agreements, sharing information between government agencies.
Coming up tomorrow:
      Correctional risk management and the forensic sciences sampler. Good luck to everyone without power in the snow!