Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Please Pass the Fat Cream

Not quite psychiatry, but all my life I've been waiting for the magic pill that will let me eat all I want and be thin.  By the way, I want to eat a lot.  This, however, while not a magic pill, caught my eye.  Over on KevinMD, there is an article about Magic Fat Cream.  You rub in on and the fat goes away.  Well maybe not quite, but it's a start.  Okay,  Dr. George Lundberg doesn't quite call it Magic Fat Cream, but hey, this is Shrink Rap.  What I really want to know is can you use it in solitary confinement

A cream to fight obesity is being ignored


Turns out that there are two decent published studies from reputable places that report that a person may rub a cream on their skin over the fat spots and make the fat go away.
Wow, what a deal.
The first study addresses fat thighs, with each person in the study using one thigh as the test and the other as the control.

This 1995 study from UCLA included renowned obesity researcher Professor George Bray as an author, is published in the journal called Obesity Research.
The second study is from LSU in Baton Rouge and addresses waist circumference.
All participants were placed on a diet of restricted calories and required to exercise. The test group rubbed a cream on the waist and the control group did not.