Monday, August 22, 2011

Emotional Control : Anderson Cooper Gets the Giggles

If you haven't seen Anderson Cooper catch a case of the giggles on live TV, you can still watch it on YouTube.  I missed the first showing, but saw Mr. Cooper replay it on his own Ridiculist List.  But what's this doing on Shrink Rap?

I watched the re-run, and I found myself laughing out loud.  Only, it wasn't a good, happy, hearty laugh, it was an embarrassed and uncomfortable laugh, and I realized I'd taken on the feelings of the newsman.  If I were a psychiatrist (oops, I am, even in August), I might say that Anderson Cooper successfully projected his feelings on to me, or that I empathized with him, assuming he also felt embarrassed.  A friend mentioned he loved it, and but he didn't not feel such discomfort.  Mr. Cooper seemed to enjoy replaying it, laughing at himself laughing, and said he was pleased if he made anyone smile.  Me?...I suppose I'll recover.  

Enjoy the video and do let us know: How did that make you feel?