Sunday, July 10, 2011

No Better Than a Sugar Pill?

We're only a few minutes in to "today" but here's a link to an article in the New York Times by Peter Kramer-- In Defense of Antidepressants.  Kramer writes:

Could this be true? Could drugs that are ingested by one in 10 Americans each year, drugs that have changed the way that mental illness is treated, really be a hoax, a mistake or a concept gone wrong?
This supposition is worrisome. Antidepressants work — ordinarily well, on a par with other medications doctors prescribe. Yes, certain researchers have questioned their efficacy in particular areas — sometimes, I believe, on the basis of shaky data. And yet, the notion that they aren’t effective in general is influencing treatment. 

Kramer goes on to discuss issues in the research that may have biased studies that deem anti-depressants to be no better than placebo.  Do read it if you get the chance.