Sunday, May 15, 2011

We Got Our Duck!

Jackie, our wonder editor, told me there was a duck surprise. Oh, good. I like surprises. And Shrink Rap likes ducks. And then I forgot.

So this morning I went to check out the Johns Hopkins University Press booth at the Exhibit Hall here in Honolulu at the APA. Lots of books, lots of people, and they have a poster up for Shrink Rap in a corner. And a big screen with images that change. Then I noticed it: the Shrink Rap stuff all has ducks on it! This, after they denied us a duck on our cover and said it made us look like quacks.

Ok, so it's beautiful here in Oahu and I'm off to soak up some sun.
I woke up at 5:20 this morning and have been learning about psychiatry all day!

Just a quick note to myself and a to-blog-about list. We've been so busy lately that time has been short for blogging and podcasting, but I still have ideas, so coming posts will (some day!) be:

--Response to the med student who wanted to know how to deal with negativity when she says she wants to be a psychiatrist.
--What is anti-psychiatry and why does it bother me. (Please pray for me if I go there).
--The chapter I wish I'd written, inspired by Jesse's comments.
--We got a request to talk about how autism may mimic psychiatric symptoms on our next podcast. Maybe we'll respond to the medical student on a podcast instead.

Ever feel like life gets just too busy? Okay, having fun at APA, gotta catch some rays now.