Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today's Shrink Rapper News

1) Our book is now out on Kindle. Apparently, you can get it in a minute for $10.

2) One of my old posts is up on KevinMD, Predicting How Much Impact Mental Illness has in a Person's Life.

3) In June, we hope to have another component blog up and running---Shrink Rap News-- we will be doing weekly posts on the Clinical Psychiatry News website. Those posts will target an audience of psychiatrists. Oh, we started with that idea here at Shrink Rap, but the readers we found, both shrinks and non-shrinks, have proven to be so much fun!

4) Aloha! We're getting ready to go to Hawaii for APA-- Roy will give you details about where to find us shortly.

5) Frazzled and frizzled, I did what I've never before done today: I blew off my hair stylist! Not on purpose, but I thought my appointment was 3 hours after she thought it was. Ah, you ask, did she charge me? Do hair stylists charge for No Shows? (They should). No, she had time for me later in the day, and Yes, if I can reschedule a patient who has forgotten an appointment on the same day, I don't charge for the 'missed' session. Someone would have asked that, right?