Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thursday Apr 14 7pmET: Shrink Rappers to be LIVE on BlogTalkRadio

You all remember Doctor Anonymous, right?  He's the family medicine doc medical blogger who we've known since Al Gore invented the internet.  Well, he's not so Anonymous anymore, writing a blog called Family Medicine Rocks under his other name, Mike Sevilla, MD.

Mike is interviewing us about our upcoming book (expected to hit the shelves now at the end of May) on BlogTalkRadio. Mike interviewed us before, which we put out as a podcast (#36a), I think.  He'll be asking us questions about the book and the process, which will help us prepare for our Talk of the Nation interview on NPR on May 3.  And we'll be asking him what he's been up to.  I want to find out his experience treating psychiatric illness as a family medicine doc, referring to mental health providers, and such.

So, tune in Thursday (tomorrow) at 7pm Eastern. You'll be able to call in and join us in the conversation.  The link is HERE.  (Note that it says 11pm, but I'm sure we agreed to 7 so he'll probably fix it soon.)