Friday, February 04, 2011

What Do You Think Of This Video Ad?

From yesterday's mail:

I work with, a career resource site owned by The Wall Street Journal. We are launching a new national ad campaign starting this week. We produced a series of videos about failed job interviews and what “not to do” tips. The fourth video in the series called “Strengths” (at and is set to begin airing early next week. A couple of us over here enjoy Shrink Rap. We thought that because the video is related to psychiatry, that it would be really cool to get your feedback and other reader’s feedback on the video prior to air date.

Thanks for your time in advance.

----So I watched the video and I thought, "Hey no one ever asks me to go their job interviews!" I watched a few of them: they are cute, and make a quick point, but you know, there is one with the tip Leave your Pets at Home. It shows a guy on an interview with a half dozen sweet dogs and cats, and I did wonder, "Well what about the support duck?" The Silence Your Cell Phone flick was so outrageous, but I don't doubt it happens at all. And Proof Your Resume....well maybe she should have gone with the flow when the interviewer was so impressed with her 'passion for finance' and not said she meant it to read 'passion for her fiance!'

So what do you think of the Strengths video? Are they poking fun of patients and shrinks, or is this something that has really happened and is it a valid tip? Yeah, it pokes fun, but so do all the others. Does it annoy you? Does it increase stigma? Is it cute with a reasonable point to make about how not to advertise one's weaknesses during a job interview?

Well those Wall Street Journal affiiliated folks want your input. Go for it!