Monday, December 27, 2010

Most Popular Shrink Rap Posts of 2010

This is Roy's job, but he's otherwise occupied. He'd do a better job, I promise. Here's my quick and dirty list of our most popular posts this year:

What's a Psychiatric Emergency? 2/8/10

Prescribing Psychotherapy 12/13/10

ObamaMama it's Health Care Reform 3/27/10

Is it Malpractice to Lie? 3/17/10

Are In-Network Shrinks Better Shrinks? 2/14/10

What's Your Favorite Shrink Book? 5/21/10

What Makes Mental Illness Bad? 10/13/10

Shopping Spree 4/8/10

Unhinged: The Trouble With Psychiatry: Book Review 5/10/10

Saving Normal 3/3/10

Unrelated to the New Year, but the all-time most popular Shrink Rap post: