Wednesday, December 01, 2010

In Treatment: Adele, Week 6

Adele and Paul spent the episode sparring. It's reminds me of some of his sessions with Gina, only not as good. Adele's manner feels forced, like she's reading her lines, and they all have the same inflection. Paul calls her 'remote,' and 'a Freudian ice goddess," that is when he's not cursing at her, saying she's a narcissist, or accusing her of purposely humiliating him by letting him express fantasies about having a relationship with her when, in fact, she's pregnant. She does inspire him to call Sunil's daughter-in-law and to see Sunil as a more imminent threat.

Watching a half hour on TV is draining enough. Glad my days aren't so filled with conflict, anger, angst, and interpersonal confrontation.