Thursday, November 04, 2010

Surprise! I'm A Shrink and I'm Here to See You!

Lockup Doc has a post up on KevinMD.

He talks about how awkward it is to be a called to consult on a patient who is on a medical or surgical unit of a hospital when the patient hasn't been told that a psychiatric consult has been requested. The Shrink gets to announce to the surprised patient that they were called and the patient may be insulted.

What’s troubling about this all-to-common scenario is that when consultations are requested of psychiatrists, two key ingredients are often missing. First, the reason for the consultation is often unclear. Second, the consultation is often requested either without the patient’s permission or knowledge, or, the patient is informed of the consultation but an inadequate or even inaccurate, potentially insulting explanation is given.

Roy is our C-L Psychiatrist here at Shrink Rap, so I'll let him add to the comments. As an outpatient psychiatrist, I'm just never a surprise.