Sunday, October 10, 2010

Podcast Number 53: URAC? MY Rac? You're Sure?

Podcast Number 53: In Which We Teach Dinah How to Edit and Post the Podcasts

Roy and ClinkShrink are the tinkering Geeks, and finally, they are teaching Dinah to edit and post the podcasts. Roy has declared he'd rather poke his eyes out with a fork, but ClinkShrink has endless patience (and patients). Four minutes into the editing and Dinah said, "Wait, we've been talking for four minutes and we haven't said anything!" Clink responded, "Exactly." And so we ramble about the following:

  • We invite listeners to give an iTunes review and Roy longs for a Wikipedia entry for Shrink Rap.
and who can figure out if Dinah liked it or not? And where's the photo of the wife?

  • A brief mention of Koro, a delusion about shrinking genitals

  • Whether or not people like obnoxious TV doctors, and again we're back to talking about House (and Frazier, and Tony Soprano and Mad Men, and Apple TV.....)

  • M: The first movie ever made about a serial killer in 1931: ClinkShrink gives it two thumbs up.

  • URAC: An insurance accrediting company that Roy likes.

We're hoping to get on a more regular podcasting schedule! Thank you for listening.


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Thank you for listening

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