Friday, September 03, 2010

So, Like What's a Friend?

I just went to add someone to my Facebook list. It's someone I've spoken to once on a professional topic, but hey, it was a nice conversation, and information about this person came through my Facebook newsfeed, and if I can have all these friends from my past lives, why not?

This time, however, I got an interesting message from Facebook. The button didn't just say "Send Friend Request" asked "Are you Sure You Know Zelda?" (Not her real name). And then, there was a whole disclaimer, which I found to be a bit threatening:

If you send a request to a stranger, it will be considered spam and your friend request will be blocked temporarily. Please only send this request if you know Zelda.

I was about to press the button but I thought, Do I know Zelda? How well do I have to know someone to qualify? I've never actually met Zelda--oh, actually I did pass her on the street in New Orleans during APA, but I was in a rush so I didn't stop and introduce myself and say "Zelda, it's me, Dinah, can I know you now?" I decided that one phone conversation was enough, and that I know Zelda. Maybe she'll agree, but if she doesn't that's fine. I just hate being threatened with a "spam" designation. I'm many things, but Spam I'm not.