Monday, September 20, 2010

Psychiatry and LiveScribe

I'm not a big toy person (I don't think). I didn't stand on line for an iPhone, I don't have a Kindle---I actually read these old paper things called books, and I don't greet strangers with, "Wanna see my apps?" Roy and Clink like toys more than I do. But yesterday I was reading the New York Times magazine online (because my hard copy never came, but thank you to the judge who brought me hers) and I came across this article on the LiveScribe pen.

Oh, my: I want one. But for what? It would have been great when I was a student. I was an excellent note taker, but to have been able to re-listen to lectures on specific parts of my notes--that would have been really helpful. Now? I take notes during the initial interview with patients, and sometimes I reference those notes, but I can't say I ever have any desire to replay the whole interview, or that there are times when this would help with clinical care. Face it, cool toy, but I don't really need it.

So I started thinking about how a LiveScribe might be useful in psychiatry and this is what I came up with: it could help in psychotherapy supervision. Residents take process notes on sessions, but it would be cool to have them selectively play parts of the session. Oh, why not just record the sessions and play the whole thing? Oh, that would work, too, except that it never works. It's rare that a resident comes in with an audible audio recording of an entire session. Despite all the technology, the residents come with the same little cassette recorders that I used...and never worked...year ago.

Just an idea. What do you think? And will Roy get one???