Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday, Victor!

Dear Victor,

I'm sorry I forgot to wish you happy birthday on the actual date. I hear you were rock climbing with ClinkShrink and hurt your knee, so I hope you are okay.

I would email you, but I'm at the hospital, and the computer here does not let me access my email addressbook. I've never understood why that is. I would put up a picture for you of pretty rocks or of a birthday cake, but the computer here doesn't let me transfer images.

I would call you, but you don't have a phone. This is a psychiatry blog, not a birthday blog, so perhaps here is where we can find a psychiatric theme in your cell-phone-free state. What does it mean when someone doesn't own a cell phone? It has to mean something, right? WWFS? (What would Freud say?). Would Freud have a cell phone? I called your landline and sang, in my own tone deaf sort of way, but you didn't answer that either.

Happy Birthday, Victor. Let's eat!