Monday, May 17, 2010

Name That Tune!

As you may remember (or might want to forget) we three Shrink Rappers are writing a book. Taken in bits from our blog, it's a more serious endeavor to describe what it is psychiatrists do and to explain and discuss our work. It's written for anyone who is interested in psychiatry--the lay public and students of the field, but not for psychiatrists.

It feels like we've been at this forever and a day. We put the proposal together, we searched for a publisher, there was the whole approval process, and finally a contract. The contract was an eighteen month project, so our drop dead date is in late June, and we're about ready to drop dead. Final draft here, and we are so grateful to our patient families, and our reviewers. It's nothing short of a miracle that I haven't killed Roy. Really. And vice versa, I'm sure.

So we've had an issue that we've been stuck on, and if you've been following us throughout this, you know that we can't figure out what to name the book! For a while, we were using Off the Couch...and I liked it and ClinkShrink liked it, but Roy didn't and our editor was blah on it, and then last week, another book was released on psychoanalysis called....Off the Couch! So much for that.

Tonight we got together with a mission: Name That Book. We came up with Four potential titles. I'm fine with all of them. And once again, I'm asking your opinion. Please, no Sex with Fish recommendations.

Details: more to follow, but the book, whatever its name might be, will be released in Spring of 2011 by Johns Hopkins University Press.

Please bear with us and vote once again on a possible title!