Monday, March 22, 2010

My Three Shrinks Podcast 50: More About Geeks

In this show we continue with our guest Dr. Pat Barta of the Adventures in Telepsychiatry blog.

We talk about electronic health information systems and Clink continues her rant which she started in her post Rage Against The Machine. Roy mentions the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which provides funding incentives for doctors who use health information technology. We cover developing standards for behavioral health information technology, including personal health records which allow patients to store their own information voluntarily "in the cloud", on a server. Dr. Pat Barta talks Open source health record systems and information security.

Health Data Rights is an organization that developed a proposed declaration of rights for patient data. Another organization addressing this is SpeakerFlower, of which Roy is the spokesperson.

Dinah talks about her blog postWhat's An Emergency? and wonders how flexible psychiatrists should be when a patient says they need to be seen right away. Which situations are truly emergencies? What should you do if a patient turns down multiple appointments offered for that same day? Should your office voicemail tell people to call 911?

Finally, Dinah wonders what has happened in states with medical marijuana laws. She mentions KevinMD's blog post Medical Marijuana Has Doctors Asking Questions. Should marijuana be prescribed for attention deficit disorder? How do you do clinical research on a controlled substance?

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