Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let Me Tell You About My Friend

Hypothetical situation (with a little ring of possibility)....

So a new patient shows up at my door, referred by a friend. The patient used to be in treatment with my friend, but the friend is moving to another state. The patient is sad, she will miss her old doctor who helped her so much, and while we hit it off just fine, it's clear that I can't fill my friend's shoes.

Now here is the thing I'm wondering about: the friend who used to treat the patient is my good friend, someone I talk to all the time --Are we thinking along the lines of a Camel? Perhaps, but I'll never tell. After the move, I'll still talk to her all the time, and I'll still see her socially, even if it means a bit of planning or trekking. Should I tell the patient? My initial thought is "yes" that this will be a connection, that I can relay regards and that the patient (and the doc) won't feel so cut off. But then I wonder if maybe it will be hard to know that I am seeing the old shrink when she can't, if somehow this might be frustrating?

I'd ask here, but clearly this is one where the answers may be very individual,--oh, but why not? Go for it!