Monday, February 01, 2010

She's Coming Undone

I like to understand the things I own, to use them to their fullest, to know my options and pick and choose from an educated stance. I'm kind of all-or-nothing that way, and well, life in this technologic age has kind of undone me. I stopped watching television years ago. I remember in the days of old back when we walked barefoot through the snow the eleven miles each way to school when you turned on a television by walking up to it and turning a dial to go from Channel 2 to 5 to 7 to 11 to 13 and that was it. Now it takes 4 remotes to get my TV on (?maybe it's only 3-- there's the TV, the sound, the satellite) and I get 800 channels and can't figure out my choices and by the time I surf the landscape, and figure out what I want to watch (do I watch TV or TiVo?) and what I might like TiVo'd for later, well, it's time to crawl into the coffin.

Clink and Roy love it. They can spend hours comparing their IApps and who's bubblewrap is loudest and the joy that can be found from the Koi Pond application is just amazing. I have an iTouch-- it has on it:
500 some odd songs that I listen to at the gym. A handful of music videos and I'd like more but the iTunes store makes me very dizzy and nauseus. One TV show (an episode of scrubs) and a bunch of Apps, of which I use about 3: the NYTimes, iLose, doodlebuddy, flashlight (which I never use) and a game called Firestarter which I'm addicted to. I just added Pandora in the hopes of more music at the gym. We'll see. I'd like more TV shows, but how to choose? I was watching Wine Spectator video podcasts for a while, but I lost interest in wine.

To make it worse, I have an email addiction, so I limit the places I'll get internet. Home--and it ruins my life. The clinic (it's here, I didn't ask), the gym (so I can read the NYTimes online), but not my office, and not as a portable because oh, a blackberry or iPhone would do me in.

So I'm out with Camel and she's talking about how she loves her Kindle. I never wanted one. Now I want one. Oh, or do I want that iPad thingy....maybe I could take it to the gym and play my music and watch TV shows that I can't seem to negotiate, or UTubes or Podcasts, or Apps or my head, I swear, it's going to explode into a million pieces. Maybe I don't want it, maybe I just think I want it, but Clink says I do want it. Will this end my life without data plans? 1450 daytime minutes and unlimited texting, a windows desktop, an Apple laptop, an iTouch, a palm pilot, podcast mixers and mics, how much more can one shrink take?

Hospital computer won't let me add a graphic. Just as well.