Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let The Sun Shine!!!

We've had 80 (?) inches of snow here this year. Unheard of! Who moved that Mason-Dixon line? It was enchanting at first, and I felt like I was on vacation: fires, hot cocoa, no where to go, watch a movie, eat good food, for a day or two here and there I couldn't get to work and no one wanted to see me. Snow Day!

Ah, but the enchantment ended. The bushes are flattened. The gutter are draped across my house leaving rotted beams exposed. The snow is in ugly blackened mounds everywhere, and as it gradually melts, there are tracks of mud pretty much every where.

And today's forecast: snow. Yesterday they were saying 5 to 10 inches. Two patients have called to cancel (Shrink response: Call me in the morning after you look out the window). So far, so good. Hoping the gutter guys can come today.

Enough hot cocoa. Enough days off. Enough trying to reschedule everyone. Enough shoveling, Enough salt tracked onto the wooden floors. Enough. Enough. (I know, it could be much worse).

Here's to 75 and sunny, somewhere?