Friday, January 08, 2010


I like Facebook, kinda sortof. It fits in well with my life as a voyeur, and I get to participate. My friends are my friends (those on FB), I have some random people there--like a carpool mom I don't really know, and I have a lot of elementary/high school folks, some of whom I've found, and some of who have found me.

So some of these people who want to be my friends are high school folks I don't remember. Okay, maybe the name is familiar, or maybe it's not. They have all the same High School friends in common and they live where I grew up, and hey, who wants to hurt anyone's feelings, so I've confirmed pretty much anyone who asks. Why not? I'll tell you why not, because some of these people play all these games on Facebook (Farmville and Bejeweled are particularly popular among my peers) and who cares if they got a new animal? But every time I sign on to FB, my news feed is filled with their scores. Fat Doctor---Oh, she's the best, but I took her feed off my FB page, though we still remain friends.

I decided to Unfriend the people I don't know, don't remember, and who fill up my news feed. FB doesn't tell you if you're "un" friended, right? Only I unfriended some stranger and two days later I got friend request from her, again! No No No No! Go away! Go play Farmville!

You know, I am too old for this stuff.