Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Should ClinkShrink Get a Puppy???

It's your chance to chime in!

Here's the thing:
1) ClinkShrink is allergic to critters and has felt much better since the deaths of her beloved kitties, Elavil and Prozac (aka Zac and Elli, and yes, this was their names).
2) ClinkShrink doesn't want a puppy, or any critter for that matter.
3) A dog would cramp Clink's away-we-go to rappel ourselves down steep cliffs and climb things no one was ever meant to consider climbing.

So why would ClinkShrink get a doggy?

1) A member of her household desperately wants one. Really really badly.
2) They make hypo-allergenic pooches, don't they?
3) She loves my dog Max and takes wonderful care of him when I'm away. (And funny, we've never heard her sneeze).
4) They are sooo cute.
5) Dogs add a dose of passion to life, and passion is good.

Well? What do you think? The puppy in the pic is Roy's, by the way.