Monday, January 25, 2010

Behind the Couch? Please Vote!

We've been quibbling about a title for our book-to-be for over a year now. We've used a working title of Off the Couch: Three Psychiatrists Discuss Their Work. Clink and I like it, Roy hates it, our editor cringed and changed it to Off the Couch: How Psychiatry Works and How Psychiatrists Think. We've toyed with everything from Beyond the Couch, to Psychiatry Demystified, to Set the Couch on Fire. Then HappyOrganist suggested Behind the Couch in one of the comments. Behind the Couch--- I like it, it has the whole behind the scenes connotation. Oddly enough, Roy liked it. Roy liked it. Wow. It's the first title that all three of us have been able to live with. Editor says "we'll see." She obviously didn't love it. So for the moment, our working title is : Behind the Couch: Three Psychiatrists Explain Their Work. Thank you HappyOrganist!
So I want to know: do you like this title? I know it's a complicated question, there's "do you like it" versus "would you buy it?" versus "would you pick it up in a bookstore" versus "Yuck!" So I'm just going to ask as a yes or no poll. Please vote and thanks for your input.