Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from the Shrink Rappers.

It's that time of year when blogging gets a little lame.
I'm off to pack up my old office, feeling a bit sore after two days of trying to keep up with my high school athlete kid....I'm feeling a little out of shape these days, and so after a day on the ski slopes and an hour or so being yesterday's squash partner, well, I'm not moving so fast today! And my college kid has finally made it home after days of exams.... arrived for a month with a small suitcase containing his XBox and some dirty crumpled clothes, still refusing to be my Facebook friend.

Clink is off to the cold to ski and climb things. Roy....he was in the mall last night... who knows what he's up to? His new puppy seems to have a better designer wardrobe than I do.

So we'll blog or we won't, but if we don't, please know we're wishing you the best for a joyous holiday season and a safe, happy, and (mentally & physically) healthy new year!