Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shrink Rap Barbecue

The three Shrink Rappers and their friends got together tonight for a Korean barbecue. I volunteered to write the blog post for it. After I spilled dipping sauce on my jeans I figured that was the best way to ensure the incident would be reported most accurately. It was purely an accident and their was no alcohol involved. I did spend the remainder of the evening smelling "nasty, putrid and fishy" in the words of one diner, even after a thorough cleansing in the restaurant bathroom. (I'm much more coordinated climbing than doing anything else, including walking.)

Nevertheless, the company was wonderful and we enjoyed talking about our plans for the blog, the book and our Twitter feeds. I did manage to edit one of our recorded podcasts and I'm just waiting for Roy to give me our theme song and directions for how to put it up on iTunes and the My Three Shrinks web site. Besides that we talked about emotional support dogs on planes, impaired (but not smelly) physicians, licensing laws and hummus. We seem to be fixated on hummus these days.

Roy and I talked about the iPhone apps we'd like to design someday. Dinah showed us her new phone, a lovely shade of green.

We need to do this more often.