Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let Me Tell You About My Days

By last night, I felt like I was supposed to blog about this. Several people mentioned a book to me that was written by a Bellevue psychiatrist-- Julie Holland-- and an NPR Interview they'd heard. One pretty much convinced me I might want to actually read the book (reading about psychiatry isn't quite my idea of a leisure activity). So I get home and check my email: there's a link to the NPR page and interview about this book. There's an e-mail from Clink about how this is stuff kind of looks like the stuff from the book we're in the process of writing. I read a little of the Fresh Air piece and think, wow, this does sound kind of like our stuff. Sort of.
So go for it: Dr. Julie Holland writes about her work as an ER psychiatrist.
Okay, I only read a few paragraphs, and there was more of an edge to it than I want for our book.

For nine years, psychiatrist Julie Holland ran the psychiatric emergency room at Bellevue Hospital in New York City on Saturday and Sunday nights. Along with treating patients, she served as liaison to the medical ER and the toxicology department.

Holland says one of the hardest parts of her job was figuring out which patients were manic or schizophrenic and which were high on cocaine or methamphetamines. An expert on street drugs, Holland spent her college years researching and writing Ecstasy: The Complete Guide. Her new memoir is called Weekends at Bellevue: Nine Years on the Night Shift at the psych ER.

See what you think.