Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rethinking My Professional Life

It's time for me to sign a new lease for my office, and I'm not happy with the terms the landlord wants. Add to that how poorly the building is maintained and that the first floor retail space is probably one-third empty, and I'm thinking of relocating.

I've found a found place to go, but it's way too big....I'll need to find some other folks to share with me. And this has me thinking: do I simply want to relocate my practice as is, or do I want to form some type of cohesive group with a shared mission.

So as I think about the office layout with the freedom to create what I want, let me ask for your help. What's important in a psychiatrist's office? What colors do you like? What makes you love a physical space and what makes you hate it?

And if you're in a group or see someone in a group: what makes it works and what really doesn't work.