Saturday, September 05, 2009

Julia & Julie: Dinah's Comments.

I went to see Julia & Julie tonight. I've decided it's my job to blog about it because there's no chance that either Roy or ClinkShrink will go to this movie.

The storyline is simple: A young New Yorker named Julie is looking for meaning in her life---she's an unpublished novelist who looks for meaning in being a blogger. I think she might be my soul mate. She becomes obsessed with her cooking blog, and a mission to cook every recipe in Julia Child's cookbook (that would be 541 recipes...Oops...542) in 365 days. We go back and forth with this plot to Julia Child in Paris in 1949 and her role as a bored housewife, also in search of meaning: hat making, bridge playing, and finally cooking. She takes a class, becomes obsessed, and meets two other French chef women and they become a trio, obsessed with writing a book. Well, two of them work on this book....40, 60, 80 hours a week...the third one is not so in to it (---oy...feels a little too familiar!). It takes them 8 years and well, everyone from Julia Child the chef/author/TV personality to Julie Powell the blogger/author and now the subject of a movie, all become famous.

If you take out the cooking and the food, I could totally relate to the obsession of a blog and a book...and to all the innuendo. Both women become fixed on their projects, their lives revolve around them. Julia Child's publisher isn't so happy with her book...again, oy!...and there is some focus on getting the correct title for the book (something we Shrink Rappers are still struggling with.

So, I'm calling Meryl Streep in the morning. I'd like her to play me in the Shrink Rapper movie. My nose is a little different, but we don't have to tell anyone. Suggestions for the roles of Roy & ClinkShrink, anyone?