Saturday, September 26, 2009

Harvard Online

Okay, it's not psychiatry, but it's my blog and I'll divert if I want to. So this looks cool, you can take a popular Harvard course for free and in the comfort of your own home. You know I'm there:

[addition by Roy:]
And don't forget iTunesU, which has a slew of full courses from major teaching facilities available free via iTunes. Places such as:
> Stanford
> Berkeley
> Texas A&M
> Harvard
> Penn State
> Vanderbilt
> Columbia
> Yale
> Carnegie Mellon
> Boston University
> Oxford
> University of Maryland
> Johns Hopkins School of Nursing
[Note back from Dinah] The Harvard "Justice" Course is not just on line, it's being Televised on public TV (there's a link on the website).
Readers: If you try a class, please let the rest of us know what you think of it. [-Roy]