Monday, June 15, 2009

Health Care & Social Media

The use of social media (eg, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc) by doctors and other health care providers is rapidly increasing, just as it is for really everyone else.

The New York Times did a story recently on doctors who twitter.  For the past couple months or so, I have been participating in a weekly twitter chat on the subject of health care (hc) and social media (sm), called #hcsm.  A bunch of folks involved at various levels in health care talk about, well, lots of stuff.

Last night, two health attorneys (Daniel Goldman & David Harlow) talked about various topics, such as whether docs should follow or friend their patients, whether tweets are copyrightable (mostly not), and what hospitals can do about negative comments about them in social media venues.  If you'd like to read a sampling of the conversation, go to HITshrink (guess who).

(Dinah's AFK for the week, so she asked me to keep the lights on around here.)