Thursday, May 21, 2009

Midwife With A Knife: Infertility, Stress, and Psychotherapy

Okay, so I'm behind the times, here's a cool post from Midwife With A Knife from 2 months ago-- an interesting post on fertility, stress, and psychotherapy. Oh, and lemurs and monkeys and all kinds of critters, fertile and otherwise. I'm even stealing her lemur photos. I can't quite get the link right but it's the post called "Are you reading my blog?"

MWAK asks how to tell stress-susceptible people they may benefit from psychotherapy without making it sound like you think they are wusses (her word, isn't it great?!). What do you think?

I've never seen anyone for a primary complaint of "I can't conceive" but I face this problem regularly with pain patients. I'm left to say that some people's depression gets funneled into their body as pain or physical symptoms, and it's remarkable how treating the depression can alleviate the other symptoms. I could have sworn I once wrote a post called "You Need a Psychiatrist" about how to talk to people about getting care without sounding judgmental, but I can't seem to find it---must have been a dream.

So for tags we have pregnant pigs, bears, turtles, vultures, fish, glow in the dark cats, but no lemurs or monkeys. What kind of blog is this anyway?