Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Depressed and Running for Governor

Doug Duncan has a strong family history of bipolar disorder, and during his campaign to become Governor of Maryland, he became ill with Major Depression. Mr. Duncan dropped out of the race, and let the reason be known. In today's Baltimore Sun, there is an article about his symptoms and recovery. Apparently he made a good recovery with the trial of medication and therapy, and is now doing well. Could he toughed out the campaign? This is a personal decision.

So what do you think-- in our efforts to destigmatize mental illness, would Mr. Duncan's history of depression be a reason people would vote for him in the future?

My guess: I think people would not vote for a President with a history of depression ("Will he push the button in a moment of helplessness? What if she becomes depressed after a terrorist attack?") Otherwise, I think he still has an open door. Just my opinion, do chime in.

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