Tuesday, February 03, 2009

To Sleep, Perchance To Dream...

Patients frequently tell me their dreams. Part of the royal road to the unconscious, Freud tells us. I'm never quite sure what to do with them. I listen, I comment on how the dream contents relate to the events in the patient's life-- a phenomena known as Day Residue. Simply said, I don't know that much about how dreams are helpful, or why they've come to be.

That said, ClinkShrink had an interesting dream last night, one that she shared with me. She says I can blog about it, so why not?

Clink is climbing a mountain with my dog, Max. Max gets cold. He's shivering, in fact. Concerned, Clink checks Max in to a resort hotel where they offer to give him (my dog!) sherry twice a day. The dream, I'm told, was vivid and in color.

So what does this mean, doctor? I asked Clink if she'd watch Max overnight while I'm away at a party. I will be staying in a hotel, though not a resort. I won't be drinking sherry, at least I don't think so, as I've never before been inspired to drink sherry. There may be some in the cabinet, Clink, but it's cooking sherry, please don't give it to Max and I can't imagine it's much fun to drink. Why is Max cold? He has never complained about the temperature, ever. He does like to eat meat and he likes Mighty Dog, but really, Max is a mutt, and sherry seems way too sophisticated for the pooch. He's never been to a resort. Has ClinkShrink? And Clink does climb mountains these days and Max would probably be happy to go along. He's quite athletic, but he might get freaked by the steep edges. He's not much for vacuum cleaners.

And what did you dream last night?