Thursday, January 01, 2009

Ringing In A New Year!

It's over. It's over. Can I tell you how glad I am it's over? Did anyone have a good year? Michael Phelps seems to have managed okay. And somehow I think Barack Obama enjoyed 2008 more than he will enjoy 2009.

The rest of it: it can be done with.

We saw the worst stock market decline in 77 years with the S&P 500 down about 40 percent. Banks failed, housing prices failed; who's next in line for a bailout? Lehman Brothers liquidated, Merrill Lynch sold out, the list goes on.
We're still fighting a war in Iraq, and Afghanistan. Terror in Mumbai, continued unrest in India and Pakistan, the war between Georgia and Russia, nuclear power in Iran, and Hamas and Israel continue to fire on Israel with no signs of peace.
An earthquake in China, floods in the midwest, I lost count of the hurricanes-- Ike and Gustav, to name a couple. Wildfires in California.
We've learned that a single man can steal tens of billions of dollars over the course of decades without being detected. And a governor can try to sell a senate seat. Trust-- what's that?
I've ignored whole continents here--

Time to move on.... Here's to hope for a better 2009. I'm ready.