Sunday, January 18, 2009

Making Sense of a Senseless World.

You think this post is about psychiatry. Or life in general. Here is going to be the secret, how to unravel it all so it makes sense.

Ha! Tricked you! I just found an article in the New York Times (from 1.15.09) called The Man Who Makes Sense of 'Lost.' It's about Gregg Nations, a man whose job (he gets paid for this!!!) is to keep track of the plot lines for the TV show LOST, a favorite of both Roy and I. This is the thing though, I watched the first season on DVD on vacation, 2-3 episodes a day, it was riveting, no commercials, no waiting a week to see what happens. I watched a couple more seasons on DVD, but not at the same rate, and the plot started to get a bit confusing. Or rather there were too many different plots going on at the same time and more and more plot lines started with more questions being asked but not enough being answered. And I caught up to the real-life show, and now have to watch it on TV, with the week-long breaks between episodes, noise of regular life, and season breaks. The show travels back and forth through time, I never figured out why Benjamin (the bad guy) was shown for a flash as a security screener in the airport in Australia, or what was with the polar bear on the island, and now we travel back and forth in time in vague and mysterious ways. There are puffs of smoke, bodies lost and found, lovers in countries down the road, and an island that splits and has the magic power to heal cancer and paralysis Nothing quite rivals that first season, with the number sequence that had to be typed into the Dharma station machines ever 108 seconds or else...or else what?

So I'm Lost. It was good to read that other people are Lost, and that even the show's script writers have trouble keeping track of the intricate plot. I didn't realize there were over 100 characters. Will they be my Facebook friends?

And Therapy Patient, there had better not be 20 million people headed to Washington on Tuesday. Shrink Rap will be reporting.