Saturday, March 08, 2008

No Cherry Blossoms Yet

Just had to break up the In Treatment monotony here.  Hangin' out at the Omni Shoreham in DC this AM with a friend at the Work, Stress and Health Conference.   Above is the restaurant behind me as I type this out (which has great banana nut French toast, BTW).  We're off to one of the Smithsonians, maybe the American Indian History one or the new butterfly exhibit at the Natural History Museum.  If it stops raining, we'll do the zoo instead, which is just around the corner.

Hey, we did a podcast last Sunday, and I now have time today to get it produced and posted, so stay tuned.   Also, the House version of the Mental Health Parity bill passed a couple days ago (yay!), so now the trick is to get the House and Senate versions reconciled.

Catch ya later.