Saturday, March 01, 2008

HBO's In Treatment: The sub-blog. I Can't Take It Anymore

I finish what I start. Oy. I thought it was over, I thought yesterday's episode was the last. What more is there to say? Paul has hit a patient, couple from hell are divorcing, his wife has broken off her affair, they are now in therapy with Gina (mentor, supervisor, therapist and couple's therapist) where Paul has announced his feelings for Laura. Sophie has done cartwheels on the couch and overdosed on Paul's pills. She's cursed at her mother. Alex made espresso and became as aggressive as one could imagine a patient or anyone else being-- prompting the attack and the famed espresso being thrown on him by his shrink. There was the miscarriage on the couch. Is there more to say? "It's chaotic, disrespectful, and unproductive." That's what Paul said about Jake and Amy's couples' therapy and that about describes all the rest of the sessions.
I thought it was over.

So the judge came for coffee yesterday, curlers carefully in place, Tex barking up a storm. She handed me The New York Times-- "here, they have your show in it."

I link you here to "He Listens. He Cares. He Isn't Real," an article about the dreamy Dr. Weston. Dreamy? Annoying. I got to the last line and realized the show goes on until March 29th. Oy!