Thursday, February 07, 2008

In Treatment: Episode 9.....the sub-blog

The happy couple is back. Jake and Amy are now the epitome of marital bliss, Amy's decided to maybe keep the baby, all is well with the world. They are done with therapy. "It's not so black and white," Paul says they still need therapy. "I just want to think about it and I will make a decision soon."

Amy jumps up mid-sentence and runs into that all-too-used bathroom. Jake wisks her off and Paul sees a spot of blood on the couch. He beckons Kate, he needs to know how to get the blood out of the couch. Kate takes care of it. Why don't I have a wife in the next room to deal with every mess in my life?

"Are you sure that's not going to stain? You have no idea how sensitive some of my patients can be." She offers to clean up for him, he's a creep to her. "I don't hate this room," Kate says, "I'm still jealous of it." They fight. He's tired, that's all, it's no big deal. Paul confesses that he went back to see Gina. "I thought she despised that woman...after all that stuff she wrote about you." It's amazing how many different things they can fight about within a matter of moments. They've moved on to the misery of their youngest friendless gifted child, Max. "Every kid hates school." Paul, it appears is a stranger in his own family's life. "Nothing is as important as what happens in this room." She cries. "Is that it?" Paul asks. Oy, these people are miserable to even watch on the screen. I want a smaller screen. Paul forces a smile and says he'll talk to their kid. Paul asks about her daughter who is trying to help recovering drug addicts. "Why don't you ask her Paul?" These people are parents? I'm starting to want the pregnant screaming couple back. Paul and Kate talk about how they never talk. "Let's talk." The time table is a few minutes.

Bomb drops: Kate is seeing someone. Paul screams and yells and loses it, and he curses at his wife. I want to go home. Oh, I am home. "How does that make you feel?" Paul asks. "Like shit, and a week later I go back and do it all over again." Okay, so we've got one more screwed up shrink in the world, calm and collected on the outside to his patients, messed up to his family, a disaster inside his own head.

The prole husband's comment: "Why can't he have a manic patient?"
Paul cleans up the evidence of the bloody clean up. He smiles and lets his next patient in.