Wednesday, February 06, 2008

In Treatment: Episode 8...the sub-blog

Sophie's back, she's all washed up, in from the rain. Paul gives Sophia some of his daughter's clothes and offers to dry hers. She tells him he has to help her change, with two broken arms she can't change by herself. Kate the wife is brought to help change the sopping teenager.

"You could learn a lot from your wife about how to talk to people."

She's angry that he hasn't written her evaluation. "WTF." "Are you a quack?" Oh, we shrink rappers like ducks. Why are all this guy's patients so tough on him? Oh and by the way "Your daughter's clothes are hideous. This is stupid. Are my clothes dry yet? Can you check? You people are such tools, I can't believe you get paid for this!"

Sophie talks about life at the gym, how you have to be anorexic, how everyone follows Cythe gymnastics coach around. It sounds like a pretty hostile environment. "They're leaving tomorrow for California for training camp and I can't go." Sophie picked a fight with Cy, it wasn't his fault. She was looking forward to training camp. Sophie talks about her relationship with Cy and his daughter, Dana, the one she babysits for.

"My dad was right, I'll go to therapy and end up a psycho. Just like your daughter, she's a freak. Shrinks kids are psycho. Everyone knows that." Great. Just what I want to hear. Let me go check in with my psycho teenagers.

Paul asks if she's trying to hurt him. Paul talks about how people are afraid of therapy, of opening wounds. He asks about Cy and Sophie asks about the status of her wet clothes. Can you check? She wants to hear her evaluation. He reads to her, all his comments are positive. He calls her mature and independent. He doesn't mention that she's guarded, inconsistent, and he never says to her, "Look, in order to evaluate you, I need to ask you some questions." Paul goes with the flow better than I do, I ask a lot of questions at the first visit.

Paul tells her he thinks someone in her life has broken the rules and when she asked him to help her change into dry clothes, she was testing him. Sophie talks about how after the accident, the world was soundless, how the noise came back. She talks about her anger at her mom, how they can't get along. And while Kate the shrink's wife helps her get dressed, she throws her arms around Kate. Never mind transference to the shrink, this kid has transference to the shrink's wife.

Who is the wife? She looks so familiar-- What else has she been in? I like her, I hope she isn't cheating on Paul. You can feel their tension, but I want them to be okay. My TV-viewer transference, perhaps. And you know, when you blog about a show like this, the characters somehow feel more like they're more Mine then when I just watch like every other TV viewer.

Paul is hot. Is that the right word? Warm, maybe. He's becoming less sexy as he becomes more human and flawed. I may have to go back to George Clooney for hot. I like Paul's office, it feels like a place I could sink into. I like the space, the clutter, and I'd like a cup of tea, please, while I pour my heart out. I would go along with the script better, though, so my sessions would never make it to TV. One of our commenters compared Paul to a bowl of crusty oatmeal left in the sink. What a great metaphor, and the same commenter didn't like the house, the decor, the clutter.

I ask my husband what the show is about. "I'm your beta test for the proletariat interpretation? It's about a girl who doesn't belong anywhere. " Sophie is my husband's favorite.

So patient Laura brings Paul's marital discord to the surface. When do we hear more about Rosy the weird shrink's kid, and Paul's relationship with her?

Anyone want to chime in?